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Keep Learning as a Ruby Programmer

I started learning Ruby and Rails about 3 years ago.
I always didn’t know how to keep up with the community.
I find some clues nowadays. So I share the tips with you here.

Learn to cross The Great Wall if you are in China.

First, use google well, collect everything useful.
Then we can do following things.

Keep up with news

  • rubyweekly
  • rubyinside
  • rubynews
  • reddit/r/ruby
  • reddit/r/rails

Know the persons

Persons in ruby community are kind.
They do speeches, write blogs and publish books.
Follow them on twitter to get news about them.
Add their blogs to RSS reader.

Involve in

  • Read the source code of projects
  • Report issues and fix bugs
  • Maintain your open source project
  • Share by blogs, speeches and books